Loans and Mortgage Rates Today Saves You Money

Get the lowest mortgage rates from us. Low overhead, intense price shopping, and heavy technology use works to your advantage. Compare and save by requesting a complimentary mortgage rate quote today with no strings attached. No need for personal information. If you already know your credit score and numbers you can have a hassle free idea of what to expect. Then when you are ready we can move forward with our streamlined, low cost mortgage process that looks something like this. Just schedule a time with a member of our team by clicking on “Let’s Chat”.

  • Ask for credit report fees up front and price via a competitive pricing system. By paying for your credit report up front you save us money so you can get a better deal. We also price your loan against multiple lenders in an online pricing system to ensure you are getting the best market rates and terms available.
  • Collect all your documents electronically. Only electronic documentation allows for lower rates and fees. If you are unsure about how to deliver documents to us electronically we are here to help. Just click the chat button on our site. In many cases you can just take a picture of your mortgage documents with your phone then send it to us via your online application. Even if you don’t have a smart phone to send it to us there are other ways by visiting a UPS Store or FedEx Services location. We are here to help so you can get the lowest rates and fees possible. The speed that you get your documents to us also helps to save you money.
  • Get an automated valuation of your home to give us an idea of its value at the lowest price possible. Once all your documentation is in then we move forward with property valuations. Don’t spend money on a mortgage if the numbers don’t work or it isn’t your best deal. Many mortgage investors will require a full appraisal. We will need to get a full appraisal if the investor you choose requires it. But in many cases the automated valuation can be used, saving you money. And in some cases we are able to find products that don’t require an appraisal at all. Even if they do get a full appraisal done our automated valuation will go with the file and reinforce the value, giving the investor a higher level of confidence in the value therefore keeping your rates and fees lower.
  • Submit to underwriting for final approval as quickly as possible. In many cases the mortgage underwriting process can be expedited because of our status as a lender. This also allows more flexibility to negotiate lower rates and fees. Owning more of the lending chain between the borrower and mortgage secondary markets allows us to connect you with the end investor and take out middlemen.
  • Sign as many documents digitally as possible. The industry is requiring paper documents at the closing table. Thankfully many of the documents can now be signed digitally though. We strive to do as many documents digitally as possible to save you money.

    When it is all said and done you are in the drivers seat. Once you start the process with us we make ourselves available to you for updates as the process moves along. Be sure to deliver your information and documents to us as soon as possible because our speed depends on how quickly your documentation arrives.

    If at any point you have a question or concern just call, text, or email your loan officer. You can also reach out to use via online chat or by calling or texting me, Jarod, at (615) 969-2257. We are open Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm and closed on all Federal Holidays. If outside of business hours, no worries. Our goal is to respond as quickly as possible and many of our team members want you to be successful so don’t be surprised if we do respond even outside of business hours.

    We follow the KISS method – Keep It Simple and Successful. Looking forward to helping you through the mortgage process quickly and with the lowest rates and fees possible. Thank you for choosing us for your mortgage needs.