I see myself as someone with a passion to help others and a drive to accomplish great things. This is why I now own multiple firms. Their passion and purpose is to better the lives of others.

Growing up I was reminded by my father quite often that he did not have a college degree. He would tell you that education is the key to not having to learn things the hard way as he did. As my best friend and mentor, he encouraged me to strive to do my best at my studies. This has led to two degrees. I have my undergraduate degree from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville in finance and my Masters of Business Administration from Vanderbilt’s Owen Graduate School of Management. With past experiences at Morgan Stanley (then Mortgage Stanley Dean Witter), Deutsche Bank, JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup, Churchill Mortgage, First Tennessee (now First Horizon), Volunteer State Community College, Journal Communications, Metro Nashville Public Schools, and Wilson County Schools it feels as though I have been able to help so many and learn so much.

As I continue to lead, I am constantly reminded that there is still so much to learn. More importantly there are so many more individuals and families that I can help to accomplish their dreams. Regardless of your background or experiences, please let me help you. I am thankful for those that have allowed me to make a difference in their lives. My hope is you will allow me to serve you also. You can reach me via phone, email, website, or just casual conversation. Thank you for visiting and allowing me and my teams the opportunity to serve your needs.

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